SALAAR Projects

When a Sourcing Company Invests In a variety of Projects, the combination can be viewed as portfolio of projects, Such a Great Portfolio.


Chef Knife developed with VG-10 Damascus Steel refined to be sharp. Packaging, Development & Manufacturing by Salaar.

Venturi Drive

A full Aluminum build with intricate machining requirements. Global Quotes & Feasibility Comparison for Manufacturing.

Unique Durag Headwear

A Technical Silk & Micro Fabrics Customized Head Wear Durags to protect your hair with great style.

Ethical Clothing

The goal was to ensure the seamless production of high-quality soccer shoes that meet industry standards, reflecting a commitment to excellence in sports footwear.

New Soccer Socks

A blend of Shin Pads & Soccer socks integrated to one product was required to be manufactured. Completed Product design and Manufacturing Analytics with the brand.

Ethical Women Wear Clothing

The project focuses on providing comprehensive support to an EU-based sustainable women's clothing brand dedicated to slow fashion, inclusivity, and ethical practices.