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Maternity Wear Clothing Brand Ethical & Technical Products Development and Manufacturing Launched.



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Trasforming the way products are sourced

Embrace a revolutionary product sourcing approach, rooted in technical precision, innovative strategies, and ethical practices We continuously monitor trends to deliver unparalleled success and drive industry transformation with confidence.

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Using Global Platforms to boost transactions and transparency

Salaar has close working relationship with manufacturers all over the world. Our team also works with big names like Alibaba, 1688 and sourcing platforms from around the globe to keep your business supply chain up and running. We make sure you get top-notch products hassle-free!

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Large-scale Projects requires collaboration across multiple disciplines. A dedicated project manager manages and monitors the overall progress.

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Receiving your request

Salaar Sourcing Experts meticulously study your project's details. We confirm and thoroughly document each requirement before creating a tailored plan for you.


Team Discussions

Salaar Team will discuss project detail and draft an initial estimate of feasibility of the project. After this any or all recommendation are sent your way and details are finalized.


Services Price

We will develop milestone sheet of your Project and give best pricing structure as per your sourcing needs. After requirements and pricing are confirmed, and we will take the steering from here.


Factory Alignment

We have a vast network of thousands of factories to meet your project needs. If our existing manufacturers cannot fulfill any specific requirements, we will promptly locate new ones.


Technical Communication

We initiate direct communication with the factory's technical team to discuss product details and requirements. Feasibility studies and recording essential points for consideration.



Once all product details are thoroughly reviewed and agreed upon, We request quotations, lead times, minimum order quantities, technical capabilities, and any necessary certification requirements


Quotes Analysis

We diligently gather quotes from diverse manufacturers, conducting in-depth analysis to identify the most cost-effective and suitable options for your project's needs.


Optimal Manufacturer

Based on stringent criteria and comprehensive assessment, we choose the manufacturer that best aligns with your sourcing requirements, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability


Negotiation & Agreement

Our expert negotiators secure favorable terms and agreements with the chosen manufacturer, optimizing pricing, lead times, and other critical aspects to ensure a successful sourcing journey.


Product Development

We expertly conceptualize and develop products that match your demands, paying meticulous attention to technical and aesthetical detail and ensuring exceptional quality and innovation.


Contract Building

Our skilled team crafts comprehensive and transparent contracts, establishing clear terms and protecting all parties involved, fostering trust and efficiency throughout the sourcing journey.


Bulk Manufacturing

The bulk manufacturing process starts with pre-set lead times, production & Quality planning. Freight is arranged to ensure smooth and timely transit of your products.

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